Terms of Service

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Regulatory Disclosures:

  • We or our associates have received compensation from the subject company(ies) in the past 12 months: No
  • We or our associates have managed or co-managed public offering of securities for the subject company(ies) in the past 12 months: No
  • We or our associates may have received compensation for investment banking or merchant banking or brokerage services from the subject company(ies) in the past 12 months -No
  • We or our associates may have received compensation or other benefits from the subject company(ies) or third party in connection with the research report --No
  • We or our associates  or Research Analyst or his/her relative's  financial interest in the subject company(ies)- No
  • Nature of financial interest in subject  company, if any -Nil
  • We, our associates or Research Analyst have actual/beneficial ownership of 1% or more securities of the subject company (ies) at the end of the month immediately preceding the date of publication of Research Report - No
  • Subject company (ies) may have been a client during twelve months preceding the date of distribution of the research report-No.
  • We or our Associates or Research Analyst are engaged in market making of subject company - No
  • By referring to any particular sector, FINTEREST does not provide any promise or assurance of favorable view for a particular industry or sector or business group in any manner. The investor is requested to take into consideration all the risk factors including their financial condition, suitability to risk return profile and take professional advice before investing. Such representations are not indicative of future results.
  • There are either no material conflict of interests or all existing and potential conflicts of interest are disclosed herein.
  • A graph of daily closing prices of securities is available at www.nseindia.com and www.bseindia.com
  • Rating scale is not employed and no target is currently assigned.

In case of any grievance / complaint/ queries you may get in touch with against the Intermediary you may follow the following matrix:

Initial grievance may be raised with Mr. Nikhil Oswal at our Research helpdesk on his email id nikhil.oswal@finterestcapital.com or his phone number +91 99871 11634. In case of further grievance / complaint you may follow the following matrix:


For any grievance you may write to us at grievance@finterestcapital.com


If reply from Level 1 is not satisfactory, client can notify the same to the Compliance Officer at  Mr. Nikhil Oswal  or call on +91 99871 11634



Name of the Research Analyst : Mr. Nikhil Oswal

SEBI Research Analyst Registration No: INH000012458

Reg. Office:804, Prasad Chambers, Opera House, Tata Road No-2,Charni Road East Mumbai- 400004

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