Micro-Cap Product

Every Midcap/largecap started its journey being either a micro/smallcap. We believe investing in companies at a seed stage where there is a huge potential of headroom for growth and can generate exorbitant and multifold returns.

Our Focus

Out of the box Investing

Catch those companies which are unheard & stay away from market limelight

Unlocking Potential

Filter proven management background, earnings visibility & scalable business potential


Filter proven management background, earnings visibility & scalable business potential

Key factors before considering the company under micro-cap portfolio


Promoter of the company


Product portfolio & its pricing power


Potential leader of future


Price of the company. Pricing mismatch and If risk reward is favorable, or not.


Planning to change & execute it!

In terms of new management, new capacities, pan India expansion, leaders buying stake in the co and other future growth synergies.

Criteria for Stock Selection

Market Capitalisation

Less than 800crs and more than 50crs

Holding Horizon

More than 18 months

Institutional Buying Opportunity

Focusing on the companies that would attract institutional investors buying in future

Looking for Catalyst

That event where the mispricing or valuation mismatch reaches its fair value compared to market peers.


Medium to High

Focusing on Longterm tailwinds

Due to current sectoral headwinds there maybe some stocks where there is bargain available on the table.

Future earnings

More than current growth and earnings, our core focus is to look at companies thatwill perform in future


We would be sector agnostic here and limiting the portfolio allocation to not more than 30% in a single sector.

Special Situations

As mentioned in the book “Margin of Safety” by Klarman, the exceptional returns are made by investors due to cheap valuations in special situation like, Spinoffs, M&A, restructuring, reverse merger etc.

Risk Management

Avoiding companies with high debt, high pledge, corporate governance issue and business-relatedrisks

What our clients say about us

"Finterest backed me up for my journey of investments from Fixed deposit to Stock Market. Like many new investors, I spent the majority of my time planning for my investments, but pay little or no attention to the fundamentals and technical depth. Finterest has helped me to achieve financial independence with thriving returns.
My best investment was subscribing to the momentum plan which has given me multiple returns to date.
Keep up, guys!"

Bronika Gandhi

Sr. Analyst portfolio management & Research
Sat Industries Limited

Rarely you come across people, who have high depth understanding of business, financial understanding and mindset of an investor! They have been genuinely checking all boxes. I have seen my portfolio booming because of their guidance and being member of your prime batch! Keep up the good show and don’t forget to include me in your product for momentum investment! More power to you and the #PrimeMembersClub! 

Sachin Arora 

Head Data & AI AWS India 

"I have been associated with them since early 2021. Right from their first pick Balaji Amines which went 5 times too many other picks that have blossomed and turned out multi-multi baggersggers. The beauty of their picks is that they are thoroughly researched, safe bets irrespective of the market up-downs. In addition, they share a lot of knowledge and information which makes you an informed investor. "

Ashwin Shanbhag 

M&A consultant, MSC Consulting Germany

"They are one of the finest and the most pre-eminent in the advisory space. Every pick shared is backed by tremendous research and a sole commitment to making your hard-earned money work the best for you in terms of returns. Prime snippets and amazing analytical thesis on companies with explanations of queries related to every investor are the best. I have yet in my two years of association haven't come across a single dud pick that tells the complete success story of the team. Kudos to the entire team, wishes for the new product rollout on momentum and congratulations to you (The reader, user and customer) for being at the right place. "

Bhavik Merchant 

VP MCB Yes Bank 

Client Disclosure

The long-term highly selective deep value and special situation approach that is applied to the Micro-cap segments make the Finterest Micro Cap a truly unique portfolio. This is suited for a long-term patient capital investor who is willing to go through high portfolio value volatility and withstand sharp mark to market drawdowns.


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